Monday, February 25, 2013

My Inspiration- Day 2

Day 2:
      As you may have noticed I'm a little behind on posting my results for Day 2.  Let's just say, I have jumped in with both feet.  The dirt is flying as I'm going through every little area of the sewing/craft/work room. I am sorting through every drawer, box and folder and truly asking myself, " Do you really need this?", " Do you really want to save this?", " Are you going to use this?".   If not, it is going bye...bye...

     Believe it or not,  I have actually let some things go.  For those of you that know me,  you know how hard this is for me.  LOL !!!   I have discovered though my main problem isn't letting go of  "STUFF", its discovering projects I want to start and I have to keep telling myself, " NOT UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR LIST OF DECLUTTERING  !!!"   ( we'll see how well I listen to myself...LOL)

     Instead of posting pictures of all my trash/donations, ( because I'm a little embarrassed as to how much there is) I thought I would show you my inspiration for my new sewing/craft/work room makeover.
I really need to come up with a catchy name for this room.

     Originally my room was pink with black and white damask until I discovered these boxes.  Aren't they the cutest thing you have ever seen.  I LOVE them !!!!!!!  I found them at my local variety store and they were inexpensive so I bought all they had left.  ( Which was only 4 of them) 

     I'm storing my buttons in one, sewing thread in another and not sure what will go in the rest.  I'm sure I'll find something for them to hold.  

     Don't forget to come back and see what Day 3 holds for me. 

     Thanks for stopping by and visiting Nannies Attic.  

Have a GREAT DAY !!!!!


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  1. Hi. I tried to email you, but the return address was "no reply" I am so glad we are going to be swap partners on Sue's swap. She's my partner on another! My email address is You can send me your mailing address, etc. then I will send you my mailing address as well. I have some fun ideas I'm working glad to have a name to send them to. =D