Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple ( clutter free) Life---Day 1

Ready, Set , Go !!!!

     Time to start on the new project to have a clutter free home and life.  First on my list is my Craft Room/ Office Room. 
     Originally this was my youngest sons room.  I loved the size of it and the fact that it has a lot of natural light so when he got married and left home I claimed it as MY ROOM !!!  I never really did any work in the closet when he was at home, so I decided since I had it emptied I would paint it and do some deep spring cleaning and reorganizing it for my work area.

BEFORE :  YUCK- Look at the outdated  panel look  walls :(
      I begin by painting the walls a light gray and putting the shelving unit back in and adding to it.  I used shelving units by closet maid. The are quick and simple to assembly and you can arrange them to make your own space work for you.

 I used a total of 3 of these units and placed them on top of the horizontal organizer.
Please don't look at the door.  We are getting  new interior doors.

Love how a fresh coat of paint makes everything look so much cleaner.  I'm so excited to organize my craft supplies in here !!!!

     Its a work in progress and I'm sure it will change as I work on the rest of the room.  I just LOVE the deep red baskets and had to share with you.  

    I think I'm going to need to get more of them, what do you think?

Total Bags Day 1 = 2 bags Woo Hoo !!!!

Who's decluttering with me?  How was your first day ?


  1. Ahh. .good for you!! I love the layout of your new blog!! We are preparing for a super cool addition to our house..and some reorganizing will go along with that!! It's always nice to get things decluttered!!

  2. Thank you Melanie !! Congrats on the new addition !!! Can't wait to see the progress on that. We have talked about adding on too now that the family is getting bigger.:)